About Free Walks Loja

We are passionate about sharing the culture and history of our city and people

Our guiding services are the best and most unique in Loja. We are passionate about sharing the culture and history of our city and people. As native "Lojanos" who speak English, we can offer bilingual tours that highlight our customs and way of life.

  • Bilingual tours
  • Based on tips!
  • Morning: 09h15 am | Afternoon: 15h15 pm
  • The best of Loja in a 2 hrs tour in your language!
  • The best advices for things to do, where to eat and hospitality places

Morning 09h15 am | Afternoon 15h15 pm

The best of Loja in a 2 hrs tour in your language!


  • San Francisco
  • Plaza Central e Iglesia Catedral
  • Plaza e Iglesia de Santo Domingo
  • Plaza San Sebastián

Museos y teatros

  • Museo de Madres Conceptas
  • Museo de la Música
  • Teatro Simón Bolívar


  • Mercado San Sebastían


  • Los Paltas
  • La conquista española
  • Loja Federal
  • La historia de la quinina
  • La Gobernación de Yahuarzongo y Mainas

We will make two stops: One to have refreshments and a second stop for coffee-tasting

This is a 2 hours tour but if you want something different just let us know in advance about a shorter or longer tour. We can create a tour according to your needs!

The best way to enjoy Loja!

Where to go?

We are culture, we are green, we are Free Walks
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Highly recommend!

I met Jona when I was in Loja this past summer. We spoke about a variety of topics including politics and history. He is very smart and well informed. He would be the perfect guide for the city he knows well.

David Holtan in Facebook Fan Page

Lo recomiendo a full!

Excelente tour! agradezco a los chicos por su buena onda y por estar tan informados, gracias a eso conocí una ciudad increible como Loja de una forma única y especial.

Nico Santos in Facebook fan page

This is not to be missed!

My husband and I just took the tour. Jonathan and Kevin were outstanding guides to the city. Very well versed in the historical context. We learned so much about Loja and the region it inhabits. My understanding is that the tours will be available in English, Spanish, with French in the near future. This is not to be missed. Newcomers to the area and long time residents will hear and see many surprising things about this charming city.

Louise Richards in Facebook Fan Page

Le pongo un 11!

La verdad la mejor experiencia, en un free walking tour, los chicos super atentos e informados te llevan a lugares únicos de Loja.

Brian Cuturi in Facebook Fan Page


Nous avons fait un tour de la ville avec Free Walks Loja, un super guide. Il nous a donné beaucoup d'informations et a su répondre à toutes nos questions. Loja est une petite ville mais avec pleins de petites choses/histoire bien intéressantes. Grâce à 'free walks Loja' nous savons les petits secrets de celle ci.

Alice Holtom Facebook Fan Page


Molto bello.. i ragazzi sono molto professionali, ti guidano e ti fanno sentire a proprio agio.. un piacere avervi contattato, continuate così.. grandi

Thalía Alvear Facebook Fan Page

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